The Tree of Life

Join me today over at Titus 2 In Action.

Every once in a while, I look around my home and I try to picture what it looked like the first time I saw it. When our realtor walked us through, thirty-year-old wallpaper hung in tattered strips. The ceilings boasted the once-popular “cottage cheese” look, and the carpet was threadbare.

Today, all of those things have been replaced. And sometimes I wonder what the original owners would think if they could walk through the house now: Would they like the new paint and carpet? Would they like the extra counter space in the remodeled kitchen? Would they even recognize the interior? So much has changed. Everything, really.

Probably the only thing they would recognize about this place is outside. The trees. Whoever lived here before knew something about trees. Quite a variety surrounds us. (Continue Reading)

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