What the Old Can Teach the New

Join me today over at Titus 2 In Action.

I had lunch this week with a 70-year-old missionary. It was a business meeting of sorts. He and his wife would like for me to edit their memoir, which tells of their forty years overseas.

As I poked at my salad, I asked questions like: How did you and your wife meet? How did you each come to the decision to spend your lives together in Asia?

And he told me this story:

My wife went to college to become a nurse. But 45 years ago, it was assumed, culturally, that a wife would follow her husband wherever he goes. She never argued with me on this. She simply gave up her own dreams and followed me to Asia, where I felt called to serve.

Then one day she came home and told me that, while she was riding the bus with our small infant, a man from the local region walked up to her and spat in her face.

When she relayed this account to me, I thought for sure that she was going to tell me that she had had enough of this place, that she wanted a nice nursing job back home, and that she wanted to get on the first plane back to America.

Instead, she told me…

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