Green Beans and Silly Things

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One of my favorite memories, of when Jeff and I were dating, is this one evening when Jeff invited me over to his house for dinner. Jeff had prepared for me this amazing meal of baked chicken and rice and what obviously looked like a green vegetable, but I couldn’t quite place it.

Since I’m not much of a vegetable fan (that’s a bit of an understatement), I cautiously sampled a small piece of the green stuff. I was keeping a close eye on Jeff too. I wanted to make sure that he was concentrating on his own plate just in case I needed to discreetly discard the green stuff into my napkin.

To my surprise, I kind of liked it. So I just had to ask, “What is this green stuff? I actually like it.”

Jeff looked at me with an expression I couldn’t discern. Then, with a straight face, he replied, “Green beans.”

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