"I Do"

When Jeff and I got married, we wanted to write our own vows. Then as the wedding day grew nearer, the busyness of preparations seemed to absorb every minute. Finally, just days before the wedding, I realized that I hadn’t yet written my vows. So I stole away for a few quiet moments to reflect on what all ribbon and flowers and tulle were really about. And, of course, it wasn’t about any of the those things at all.

Then the day came.

We memorized our vows, and despite all the furor of the day, when the moment came to exchange vows . . . (Continue Reading)

On the first and third Friday of every month, I write on the topic of marriage
at Titus 2 In Action.
I invite you to join me over there today.

2 thoughts on “"I Do"

  1. That was excellent, DJ!! I wasn't sure if I was supposed to leave a comment here or there so i did both 🙂 what a great vow for your marriage and how sweet to hang it where all can see when they enter your home…..have a blessed weekend!

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