Him vs. Her

In many ways, my husband and I fall squarely within traditional, stereotypical roles. Jeff goes to work while I stay home with the kids. But there are some things we do differently from the “norm.”

For instance, Jeff knows exactly how much paprika is needed while I am busy trying to decipher a recipe that looks, to me, more like hieroglyphics.  Jeff can also grow real life vegetables from actual dirt while I am busy trying to figure out how to drag the hose that far.

On the other hand, I am comfortable changing the oil in our car while Jeff is trying to . . .

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1 thought on “Him vs. Her

  1. Linked and read. Very good! Here is the comment I left:

    If I compete with my spouse I usually lose, too. Cheryl does so many things better.

    But she doesn't change the oil. Or even top it off when it gets low 🙂

    Not getting a W-2 form in ten years … a number of Proverbs come to mind: 12:4; 14:1a; 18:22. I know Jeff and me and a bunch of other husbands can say, “Amen” when reading these passages.

    Good post. wb

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