Choosing a Simpler Life

When Jeff and I got married, we both had full-time jobs, and we both had big dreams for our immediate future – dreams which included lots of kids and a bigger house. We got started right away on both of these dreams.

We now have three kids, and we’re content with three. But after buying a bigger house, I have to say . . . I am rethinking the whole idea of going for a bigger house. While I do appreciate that all three of our kids have their own bedrooms, I have found that bigger really isn’t always better. Honestly. Sometimes bigger just means more house to clean and more mortgage to pay.
At the same time, I am noticing a trend among empty-nesters and retirees. Most of them can’t wait to downsize into a more reasonably sized home.
It makes sense.
Even though Jeff and I are a long way off from being empty-nesters, our oldest child graduates from high school in two years. Will we need this much space then? Do we even need it now?
So much of what I dreamed about when we first got married has changed. I no longer find myself dreaming of a bigger, fancier house. Actually, I keep thinking of a time when our home could be a little smaller, a little easier to take care of.
I think I would prefer a simpler home.
Please don’t misunderstand me. I am not saying there is anything wrong with owning a larger house. But when that larger house becomes more of a burden than a blessing, it may be time to rethink some things.
For instance, I love to entertain. And I have always thought that a certain size home was necessary for entertaining. But nowadays, I am even rethinking the way I entertain.
What was it about big and flashy and fancy that drew me?
I don’t know anymore. What once held my focus no longer possesses the same allure.
I want a simpler life. I want less stuff. Less clutter. I want fewer boxes in the garage containing things I can’t even remember.
My main point with all of this, though, has little to do with stuffed boxes and stuffed homes. What I am discovering is that something has changed inside of me. What I want has changed.
It may take some time. But there’s something about this path that leads to simplicity that draws me. I don’t know where this path will lead; I just know that I’m ready for something simpler.
What are some ways that we might simplify our lives?


5 thoughts on “Choosing a Simpler Life

  1. I wanted to thank you for introducing yourself on my blog and I am looking forward to reading your posts to get to know you.

    I have a house about the right size for us maybe we could do a bit smaller, but our problem is in the layout. I crave simplicity…I have written about that subject often.

  2. Marsha: I can totally see the benefits in having a Kindle.

    Kathy: You have a woodworking business? I'd love to learn more about that. My husband does woodworking for a hobby. (He's quite gifted at it.)

  3. We are right there too! I've pondered the same things…the change inside of me and the changes in interests.

    We had an auction last fall, and haven't missed more than a couple of things we decided to part with. 🙂 (we are on a hobby farm and have had our own woodworking, remodeling, craft business.)

    It certainly was “the flow” to go big and fancy…with the change of economy, our ideas are changing as a culture as well.

  4. One of the ways I have tried to simplify my own life (and living space) in recent years is to ….gasp… give away some of my books. It was hard. Then I bought a Kindle, and buying e-books helped ease the congestion.

    Now I have a little private “rule” that helps me continue to winnow my library. For every book I buy (not an e-book but actual paper type book)I must give away 2 or 3. I've been at it about a year, and just recently I got rid of one whole bookshelf! 🙂 Yep, simpler works for me.

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