Waiting for Biopsy Results

Waiting is a primary ingredient to life. We wait for big things like high school graduations and weddings and pregnancy due dates.

We wait for little things like kids looking for shoes and computers needing to reboot and UPS guys showing up with little brown boxes from Amazon.

This week I am waiting for a phone call. My doctor should be calling any day now with the results of my latest biopsies.

As skin cancer goes, there are two basic kinds:

  • Not so serious
  • Serious

They have proper scientific names, of course. I have read enough about both that I can spell them correctly from memory. However, my superior spelling skills not withstanding, my translation here suffices.

So far, my skin cancer has been the not-so-serious kind. It’s treatable, manageable, curable.

But with each new arrival, you never know. So I wait.

The phone rings.

The guy on the other end just “happens to be in my neighborhood doing some construction work” and wants to know if I could use some handiwork around my house. I get a call like this at least twice a week. It’s a line – a cold call trying to drum up some business. I empathize with the construction industry though. It’s been hit hard by this economy. But right now, I’m waiting for another call.

No thank you – please take me off your list is all I can say. And I can’t help but wonder, how many lists are there? How do these people get my phone number anyway? I tried the 1-800-DO-NOT-CALL thing. It didn’t work.

I think I have as much chance of getting my number removed from some elusive, nationwide database as I do of getting my name removed from my doctor’s need-to-call list.

Cancer is like Voldemort. Everyone fears it to such a degree they are afraid to mention it by name. It’s the C-Word. Or the Big C.

I live a few miles from a leading cancer research hospital. As I drive along the freeway, even the hospital’s billboard calls it something else. This week they’re calling it Canswer.

I prefer to call it what it is. No euphemisms. No code words. Just truth. And the truth is, cancer is ugly no matter which way you slice it. So I remind myself What Cancer Cannot Do.

The phone rings.

The instant I pick up the receiver, a memorized speech begins. Something about a government survey.

No thank you – not today.

Waiting is a funny thing. Besides twiddling thumbs, the only other thing you can do while waiting is make the choice not to wait idly. The kids have swim lessons. The dry cleaning is ready for pick up. The refrigerator needs milk.

Another choice awaits me. Will I give thanks in all circumstances? I pray that I would, no matter the results.

The phone rings.

It’s my doctor. The most recent biopsies reveal that my newest skin cancer is also the not-so-serious kind.

Now I have some phone calls of my own to make. But first I give thanks.

What do you do when you are waiting for something important?


10 thoughts on “Waiting for Biopsy Results

  1. DJ…I am always blessed when I visit your blog…though my visits are sporadic and few and far between. I am rejoicing with your over your long awaited phone call. Seven years ago I waited, too. Skin Cancer – melanoma. Serious. And I was 7 months pregnant. Trying to give thanks in these moments is difficult, but necessary and life changing. Not my will, but His. Weeks prior to my surgery, God whispered to my heart…”I've already taken care of it.” And He did. Thankful, so thankful…for grace given in every moment…blessings, friend.

  2. Sonja, thank you for your kinds words.

    Nita, I agree. Waiting is never easy.

    Ells, yes! Holding on to Jesus and trusting Him!

    Deidra, I think you are right. Waiting is definitely a time of growth and preparation for things to come.

    Beth, I'm praising God with you. No matter the outcome. He is good indeed.

  3. Glad to hear of your good report. Waiting is truly agonizing sometimes, and I generally don't handle it well – I have control issues! God is teaching me about waiting lately though, that it can be a time of growth and preparation for the things to come. That makes it much more bearable!

  4. I am sorry to hear of the roller coaster ride… but you sound like your are buckled in tight…holding on to Jesus…trusting in Him.
    So glad for the good report…

  5. What a beautiful blog! The thing that strikes me is that you had already made choices, BEFORE the phone call that said it's okay. Good for you Denise!
    You can add one more blessing to your list, a reader who has been blessed by this visit! 🙂

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