The Diagnosis Dilemma

The same day my dermatologist called with my latest biopsy reports, my general practitioner also called. Well, my actual doctor was on vacation, so I got the “fill-in” doctor.

The fill-in doctor called with the results of some recent blood work done. All is good, except, I have a Vitamin D deficiency. So what does this doctor tell me? In her most serious tone, “You need to spend more time in the sun!”

Not 30 minutes later, my dermatologist called to tell me that, once again, I have skin cancer. It’s very treatable. But she hastened to add, “You must stay out of the sun!”

Spend more time in the sun.
Stay out of the sun.

All-righty then.

I think the fact that I have a Vitamin D deficiency is sufficient proof that I have been staying out of the sun. The sun is the primary source for this vitamin. Foods like fish, egg yolks, and cheese provide some, but food alone is not a significant source for this vitamin. The sun is.

The irony of the two doctors’ advice cracks me up. When I told my mom about it, she told me to drink more Vitamin D milk. But I saw an allergist once who told me to avoid dairy products. Ugh.

Darned if I do. Darned if I don’t.

Thankfully, a simple remedy exists. I can take a Vitamin D supplement. Easy.

If only all of life’s problems could be resolved by a little pill.

Have you ever been given conflicting advice? Have you ever felt stuck between “a rock and a hard place”? What did you do? Have you had your vitamins today?

2 thoughts on “The Diagnosis Dilemma

  1. Yes, I have received conflicting advice – haven't we all? One time my mother told me, “Marsha, you are too tense. You need to work a little harder at learning to relax.”


    And there is the old spiritual joke, the fellow is praying for God's guidance, and two “prayer partners” – one on either side say – “Hold on, brother, hold on.” While the other one is saying “Let go , brother, let go”

    Holding on or letting go – thank goodness He is holding us, and will never let us go. 🙂
    Blessing to you.

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