Faith and Chutes and Ladders

I would like to think of the spiritual life in Christ as a gradual continuum – one that steadily progresses in a generally straightforward direction.

But that has not been my experience.

Sometimes, it seems as though God is present in every moment and every facet of life. At other times, it is hard to discern if He is really there at all.

This phenomenon has been portrayed through various metaphors in the Bible, from the mountaintop experiences that Moses wrote about to the valley-low experiences that David sung about.

I’ve experienced such mountaintop moments. More than a few valleys too.

The Chutes and Ladders game board illustrates the same kind of thing. At the starting point, we confess our need for Christ, and we commit our lives to following Him.

And so we begin.

Every once in a while, we land on a square that shoots us straight up a ladder. A mountaintop high. Inevitably, though, we sometimes fall on a square that chutes us downward. Painfully so.

Around and around we go. Sometimes up. Sometimes down. Sometimes wondering if there is any real purpose to this ebb and flow.

The practice of faith answers these whispers of doubt with yet another step. Then another. And another. Perhaps this is what is meant by a “pilgrim’s progress.” Through our pilgrimage, we journey forward, just in a rather circuitous fashion.

Have you experienced this ebb and flow, filled with highs and lows,
in your walk?

7 thoughts on “Faith and Chutes and Ladders

  1. Sonja, I like how you put that: “…even when the steps falter, we are guided back and continue the trek.” Amen.

    Clint, that is one of my favorite passages. Indeed, His ways are not our ways!

    Beth, amen to that!

    Deidra, I agree. Keeping our focus on Him is the main thing!

    Paula, I'm right there with ya'. Let's keep moving together.

    Marsha, an unpredictable game for sure.

  2. Great post. We all experience that ebb and flow, and as humans we probably always will. If we keep our focus on Gim though, we will make it through all the highs and lows intact.

  3. Yes, of course. I have discovered that the building of faith is a constant thing, and not without those periods of doubt.

    It has helped me to remember that “our ways are not His ways”, and that we are, as mere human beings, incapable of seeing the true picture that He sees. That thought is comforting to me, because I realize that all I really have to do is focus on Him for salvation.

  4. Yes! And if anyne has not, I would like to meet them. It's good to realize that life is up and down and all around. It reminds us that others are in the same game, and that all of us are doing this one step at a time… the difference because we know Jesus, is that even when the steps falter, we are guided back and continue the trek. 🙂

    Good post.

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