Honey, I Invited 50 Guests for Dinner

Last week, my family served dinner to over 50 college students at our home. They are Young Life leaders who are committed to building relationships with students in middle school and high school.

Taco Bar!

We set up tables and chairs inside, outside, and in the living room!

Jeff and I appreciate what these colleges students have chosen to do with their “free time.” They have chosen to take Jesus to where the teenagers are.

Nothing could better illustrate Paul’s words to the Colossians when he says:

“To the holy and faithful brothers in Christ at Colossae” (Colossians 1:2).

In Christ at Colossae.

I love what one commentary said about this verse:

“What a challenging statement! Every believer has two addresses and lives in two places at the same time! He is ‘at Colossae’ (or Chicago, or Cairo, or Calcutta, as the case may be) and he is ‘in Christ.’ The two locations, one earthly and the other heavenly, must always be kept in proper balance.” (Phillips 21)

Two locations at the same time. One earthly. The other heavenly.

In Christ. At __________  (fill in the name of your town).

In the physical realm, we are part of a local city or town; hence, we are “at Colossae.” We are busy buying groceries, volunteering in classrooms, and coaching AYSO soccer – along with a plethora of other activities. At the same time, we are also “in Christ.” Our permanent residence is with Him, which means we should be living as such.

Young Life is an organization committed to incarnational ministry. Just as Jesus took on flesh and came to live among us, these college leaders go to where the middle and high school students are.

On school campuses.
At football games.
In the malls.

These Young Life leaders are living out what it means to be “in Christ, at Colossae.”

How am I living out this same call?  How are you living out this same call?


Phillips, John. Exploring Colossians and Philemon: An Expository Commentary. Grand Rapids: Kregel Publications, 2002.

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