Connected ~ Across Generations and Continents

I met someone. And it changed my life.

It’s funny too because we have so little in common.

We’re in different seasons of life.
She’s a grandma. I’m a mom.

She has traveled to dozens of countries around the globe. I have flown overseas exactly one time in my entire life.

She has dined with dignitaries and diplomats.
I once sat in the same diner as Jay Leno – eight tables away.

She lives in a home that puts the pictures in Better Homes and Gardens to shame. I live in a home that boasts a never-ending list of “fixer-upper” projects.

We’re different. In just about every way.

But we’ve met. And we’ve shared our stories, with the help of several pots of tea. As it turns out, we have something in common – rather, we have Someone in common – a mutual Friend.

Our Friend changes everything.

All of the sudden, our earthly differences dissipate in the shadow of our spiritual kinship. We are sisters, connected in a larger Family, one that spans across generations and continents.

Has Jesus bridged a friendship between you and someone
who seemed very different at first?

Today, I am joining Lisa Jo for the very first time. You’re invited to take five minutes and write about “connected.”


11 thoughts on “Connected ~ Across Generations and Continents

  1. So glad you've discpovered Five Minute Fridays! I love ending my week with these posts.

    And yes, some of the people I have met because of our love of God have been so different from me and yet I have learned so much from them. It's one of those things that makes earthly life feel sweeet sometimes.

  2. Shanda: How fun that we are “on the same page” on this one. 🙂

    Sush: I've been thinking about doing just that. Thank you.

    Pauline: Yes, we are all sisters here. It's nice to “meet” you.

    Ells: Yes, Jesus is the One who connects us all.

    Clint: You are so right! Brothers and sisters indeed!

  3. Denise, it was my first time on 5 minute Friday today too! I really love the way you write. What a beautiful story – amazing that we are all sisters here. See you next week!

  4. How lovely and I'd love to hear more background on your story. I've found having that 'Someone' in my life opens up the world, my heart and soul.


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