For Every Blogger Mom . . .

This is my porcelain doll.

This photo was taken 16 years ago – before the advent of digital cameras.

Just last week I wrote about how she was an easy baby. Now, Simone’s a teenager, and she’s still an easy kid. I’m thankful that we haven’t experienced the typical teen-rebellion years. Simone has a cheerful disposition, and she’s a delight to be around. But she’s not perfect.

This is the bedroom of that porcelain doll 16 years later.

To be fair (if that’s possible), Simone was babysitting past 9:00 p.m. the night before. And she had to leave the house by 6:00 a.m. the next morning to catch the school bus because her high school choir was singing at Disneyland that day.

But when I innocently wandered into her bedroom later that day, I was appalled.

This is not the condition my children’s bedrooms are “supposed” to be in.


When our kids are little, we have a lot more control over their lives.

We can fold their clothes neatly in their drawers.
We can select what they will wear each day.
We can brush their hair to a picture of perfection.

And as blogger moms, we can chronicle these day-by-day moments in photographs that give our readers the illusion that we’ve got it all together as moms.

I’ve probably been guilty of this too. But it’s not the kind of blogger mom I want to be.

I could have written about a few different things today.

I could have written about the blankets we made this weekend for children in a shelter for victims of domestic violence. (I have some cute pictures of my kids making the soft blankets.)

I also could have written about the evening we spent singing Christmas carols in a retirement home. (I have some sweet pictures of my kids wearing Santa hats while singing “Jingle Bells.”)

But after reading a post this weekend by a fellow blogger mom, I decided to share the real condition of my 16-year-old’s bedroom instead.

It’s a post every blogger mom should read. Because it’s funny. And because it’s true. In a tongue-in-cheek sort of way. (I laughed out loud and made my husband read it too.)

There are many good reasons for blogging. For me, I blog because I am committed to writing.

In many ways, I fall within the traditional stereotype of writers. I’m quiet. I’m introverted. I love books. And I’m usually the last person to talk whenever I’m in a group setting. But I am committed to this craft of shaping words to share my life – the ways I’ve failed, the ways I’ve grown.

I’m thankful for other blogger moms too and the ways they share their lives with candor and humor.

Take a moment and click over to read “The Perfect Blogger Mom and Her Perfect Kids: Park Edition” by Sarah Heineman.

Today, I’m thankful . . .

82. for the advent of blogs so writers like me can meet writers like you
83. for pictures that share both the joy and pain of real motherhood
84. for blogger moms who share real struggles

85. for messy rooms
86. for messy lives

87. for a Savior who came to clean up our real messes

(Don’t worry. Simone has a great sense of humor. She doesn’t mind me putting these pictures on my blog. She’s just glad I didn’t put them on her Facebook page.)

And for the record, her room is no longer in this condition.

And if my mom were to chime in – and if digital cameras had been around 25 years ago – I’m sure my mom could have shared some equally horrific pictures of my own bedroom at that age.

While reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp, I started keeping a list of the things I am thankful for. What are you thankful for today?

3 thoughts on “For Every Blogger Mom . . .

  1. I loved this Denise!!!! Thank you for challenging us all to “keep it real”…I hear more about those posts from friends anyway, since now – instead of being intimidatingly and falsely “perfect” – we are real again and still in need of a Savior…thank you, friend.

  2. Denise, this is another post I just loved! Thank you for your honesty! As a mom and fellow writer, I so appreciate it. I'm learning to let my daughter discover the person she's becoming, while trying not to let some of her ways drive me nuts. lol


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