To Roar or Not To Roar

I tend to call things as I see them.

Proclaiming the truth with clarity and potency is, after all, what all writers – and leaders – do.

I speak truth. Plainly.

But a raw, unfiltered truth can sometimes have a sharp edge to it. And this is not what I want to be true of my words.

I want my words to speak a grace-filled truth, a truth that is edifying and uplifting.

It’s easy to roar with truth – and even easier to justify the roar. Such roaring, however, possesses little power when done without grace and love (Ephesians 4:15).


I want to write words and speak words and live words.

And I want my words to be full of grace and truth, pointing only to the Word – Jesus made flesh – who came from the Father, full of grace and truth (John 1:14).

This is not to say that all roaring is inherently bad. Not at all. I just want to be a person who sometimes whispers, sometimes speaks, and sometimes roars – yet always with words of truth and grace.

To roar or not to roar? That is not the question. Rather, how will I roar?

How will you roar?

Today, I am joining Lisa-Jo.
You’re invited to take five minutes and write about “roar.”

4 thoughts on “To Roar or Not To Roar

  1. I too have a tendency to “cut through” and speak clearly. I am also learning that while there are times as a writer this is a great trait, but with my children and others I am learning to speak with grace instead of rawness, love instead of sharpness. Great thoughts!

  2. Love this: And I want my words to be full of grace and truth, pointing only to the Word

    I ‘suffer’ from the same ailment of getting right to the point. But God is faithful to hone those edges and to teach me to communicate more gracefully.

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