A Call To Cast

“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”
I Peter 5:7

When Peter penned the inspired words of I Peter 5:7, he used imagery familiar to his trade.

Peter was a fisherman, and fishermen cast nets.

Whenever I think of a net, I picture the kind of net that’s used to scoop leaves out of a pool. But that’s not what fishermen like Peter used. Their nets were more than 15 feet in diameter and heavy enough to support the weight of a lot of fish.

Casting this kind of net required their full body’s strength.

Peter used this same word to illustrate how we are supposed to cast our anxieties at Jesus’ feet.

Peter was a fisherman-turned-follower of Christ. But he also had a wife, extended family, and a home that he was responsible for. Surely Peter experienced the same tug and pull of responsibilities that we experience today.

Everything on our to-do lists can be exhausting. Situations beyond our control can be overwhelming.

Anxiety. Worry. Fear. Doubt.

Yet, we are called to cast our anxiety on Him, with all the strength we have, or whatever strength we have left, because He cares for each and every one of us.

Is there something you could cast on Him today?

6 thoughts on “A Call To Cast

  1. So good today my friend. I am called to cast, yet I hang on. Learning to let go and release my worries and anxieties to God is stretching me! Thanks for linking up today!

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