His Plan All Along

I have a vivid memory. This is both a blessing and a curse.

It’s a blessing because I can remember, with vivid clarity, virtually everything I read. This is especially handy when I am researching a new topic, absorbing as much new data as possible.

It’s also a blessing because I can recall past events in vivid detail. This is especially helpful when I want to write about a particular experience.

But having a vivid memory has its downside too.

There are some things I wish I could forget.

Certain memories drag me back in time, to a place I wish I’d never known, or to a person I wish I’d never met. These memories tempt me to dwell … on sorrow … on regret … until I’m begging God to help me forget.

Then one day I read these words:

“I want you to know, brothers, that what has happened to me has really served to advance the gospel.” (Philippians 1:12)

Can it be that God doesn’t want me to forget? But that God wants to use what has happened to me to advance the gospel? Was this His plan all along?

If God is truly God—and I believe He truly is—then He can redeem anything. Even these vivid memories.

Do you believe that God can redeem anything?

Today, I’m joining Lisa-Jo, taking five minutes to write about “vivid.”

33 thoughts on “His Plan All Along

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  2. I have just been reading in 2 Corinthians how God’s comfort is meant for us to share as others walk through similar experiences – so, yes, I believe that He lets us remember things for a purpose and not for pain.

  3. Oh wow.
    This is so powerful.
    And you do know the answer…
    And part of His amazing qualities is the the ability to make a masterpiece out of the broken pieces of our lives. Whether by choices that we have made, or by circumstances we landed it, He is in the process of making ALL things beautiful.

    Great stuff, Friend!!

    • I’m so glad, that in God’s economy, nothing goes to waste. That is a comforting thought when facing something that “appears” to have been an utter “waste of time.” Praise God for His ability to redeem ANYTHING!

  4. Oh yes – I do believe God can redeem anything or anyone. And I also think that God has a purpose for everything. Sometimes memories haunt us, but deep down I can only think that God has placed them on my heart for a reason just as you said. I love this blog piece, and I really like the way you look at memories.

  5. I envy your vivid memory. I don’t remember everything I read so I have to take notes, go back and look again, etc.

    I think memory is a blessing, even if it is of things that we are uncomfortable with (such as sin, a situation we handled badly, an embarassing momement, etc.). The uncomfortable memories serve as warning signals for us to steer clear of similar situations and avoid a similarly bad occurence. So, I vote, “yes” on memory being a blessing.

    • I think you’re right. “The uncomfortable moments serve as warning signals for us to steer clear of similar situations and avoid a similarly bad occurrence.” I pray that I will be sensitive enough to listen and pay attention to those warning signals!

  6. I do believe that God redeems everything and can use them even to bless others. So, maybe even the most painful memories are not to be put completely in the recess of our minds.
    I really enjoyed meeting you on Wed and loved your thoughts on faith and grace, legalism and legalistic.

  7. Your response reminded me of something I heard on KLOVE.

    It was the idea that if we make New Years Resolutions, sometimes people want to START OVER, when really we should think about how far we have grown and CONTINUE to GROW upon the building blocks / experiences that God has placed in our lives.

    It’s like the saying “A mistake is only a mistake if you don’t learn from it.”

  8. For a week now, the phrase that keeps rolling through my head is this: God is a God who redeems. I have experienced that redemption in the deepest recesses of my soul. I’ve been reading Philippians throughout the month and that verse has never stood out to me until this post. Thank you for sharing.

    • Heather, that’s so interesting to me because I had read the book Philippians numerous times before, but for some reason, this one particular time, verse 12 stood out to me, and then I wondered why I had never noticed it before!

  9. Yes, I do believe God can redeem anything. Thus the name of my blog! What a gift to have such a vivid memory but like most all things in life, our greatest strengths can be places for our greatest weaknesses too. Enjoyed your thoughts, as usual. Hope you have a great weekend (full of things you want to remember!).

  10. I like your comment that perhaps God doesn’t want us to forget. I agree. I have seen sometimes when what I have been through (good or bad) has helped another. Also, God always gets the glory because I am a changed life! I love that we serve a Lord who redeems us. Love your thoughts…thanks for sharing.

  11. Yes! Our God can redeem and restore and transform…and this definitely has been His plan for you this whole time, and I can’t wait to see it unfold in you more and more. So thankful for you!

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