Experiencing Victory

A Word from the Wiser

“Victory is indeed a fleeting experience—and that may be especially true of spiritual victories. You may have held your tongue (victory), but it won’t be long before another rude comment comes your way (temptation).”

“Thinking about how well you did in a given situation—as opposed to giving thanks for the Spirit’s help–makes you prideful and an easy target for failure. While you’re busy celebrating a success, the enemy can catch you off guard and bring you plummeting down.”

“So praise God for your success. Focusing on Him like that will keep you from letting pride suggest that you’re invincible. You are always in critical need of God’s strength and guidance—but especially right after a victory.”

Lord, help me to remember to give You thanks in all things, especially in spiritual victories. May I always be mindful that victories are fleeting—yet your Spirit is sustaining. May I never find assurance in my own “might”; rather, help me look to You as the source of my strength in all situations.

* * * * *

“A Word from the Wiser” is an excerpt from my daily/weekly reading that spoke to me personally in some way.

Have you come across a quote recently that really spoke to you? Would you like to share it here?

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(Excerpts by Henry Blackaby from “Discovering God’s Daily Agenda“; entry for Feb. 2.)

2 thoughts on “Experiencing Victory

  1. Denise,
    I am so glad you shared this vital truth! And so timely.
    Last night after dinner when Husband and I looked together at Ezekiel 28:11-19, the terrible danger of pride so strongly impressed us that we prayed for God to keep us ever aware of it, at any moment it first pops up.
    Now your post reminds me my Tuesday post told of helping myself overcome discouragement over past errors and failures by making a short list of things I did right. The reason was valid—that the Accuser bad-talks at us as I’d been doing to myself, that though Holy Spirit conviction corrects, Accuser condemnation aims only to defeat. And just before that I spoke of first thanking God for His gracious interventions through all the foul-ups. But how important always to see His grace in our right actions and decisions! Anything with which I might credit myself apart from Him gives an instant opening for pride!
    I’m going to be doing a bit of editing! Thank you, and God bless you!

  2. “While you’re busy celebrating a success, the enemy can catch you off guard and bring you plummeting down.”

    Good warning, friend! Thanks. I waffle between feeling inept and feeling successful. Where is it safe? I suppose feeling inept is a better place to be as long as you move anyway. Now you’ve done it. The wheels are spinning.

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