Well, This Is Embarrassing

21 Bibles ~ (Not Counting the Children's Story Bibles)


I told my kids to find all of the Bibles in our house, sort of like an indoor “scavenger hunt.” This “game” proved educational on several levels. First, we couldn’t find them all. My teenage daughter has two more somewhere, probably buried in her closet, but we couldn’t find them. And I know we have more Bibles tucked away in various places. But the Bibles we did gather said a lot.


We own virtually every major translation: NIV, NIrV, KJV, NKJV, ESV, NASB, HCSB, NRSV, NLT, and The Message. We also own a variety of “study” Bibles: The Apologetics Study Bible, The Archeological Study Bible, The NIV Study Bible, and now I’m wondering . . . Whatever happened to my Life Application Study Bible? I know I had one.


We are a family of five, and we have over twenty Bibles in our house! And that doesn’t even count the Bible versions on our computer, laptop, Kindle Fire, and Nook. Nor does it include the multitudes of children’s storybook Bibles on my kids’ shelves.


With a total like that, surely we take for granted the sacred presence of His Word in our home. (I am loathe to admit where we found a few. Ahem. Under the bed? Really?)


I remember taking Bibles overseaswrapping them in my suitcase and delivering them to families. An indescribable joy emanated across their faces when they held the solitary BookHis Wordin their hands. And I have twenty-one. It doesn’t seem right. Why do some of us have so much? So much access to His Word. So much access to Truth.

What can we do to share His Word with everyone around the globe?

We can begin by sharing this critical need with others. Take a moment today and gather all the Bibles in your home. Take a picture and post it on your blog or Facebook page. Then write a paragraph of what this simple exercise taught you about biblical literacy and Bible poverty.

  1. Find ‘em.
  2. Stack ‘em.
  3. Take a photo.
  4. Write a paragraph.
  5. Then LINK UP at My Journey to Authenticity.
  6. Pray for ways to spread The Word.
Do you know how many Bibles you own?

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22 thoughts on “Well, This Is Embarrassing

  1. My husband has the Archaeological Study Bible and we both love it! Love digging through the stuff they find and put in there with it. Makes the Bible come to life that much more 🙂 My absolute favorite Bible is my NLT Study Bible (it’s about twice the size of a normal one because it has so much interesting stuff and extras in it!).

  2. We have a bible in between the front seat of the van for morning prayer on the way to school. We are so blessed to have these bibles, to have the word of God un-filtered – and to think that public schools were created to teach people to read so they could read the word of God, taking direct responsibility for their relationship with God without having to rely on a 3rd party to give them His word. We take these bibles for granted – not realizing how truly blessed we are:)

  3. Denise, thank you so much for blogging with our OneVerse Bloggers to end Bible poverty. I can tell your family got a lot out of this fun, but thought-provoking activity. 🙂 Even one under the bed? Ha.
    I like how you said this: “Why do some of us have so much? So much access to His Word. So much access to Truth.” That’s powerful, my friend.

  4. Our family counted our Bibles a few years ago, and it was embarrassing to me, too. How could we have so many copies of God’s Word just laying or on bookshelves, going unused? Granted, I do like having several versions around because I do reference them, but still. Now that I have Bible software and constant (pretty much) internet access and Bibles on my Kindle, shouldn’t I be sharing some of my hardcopies with others?

    Thanks for the conviction.

  5. I did this in the fall …we were having a Bible drive at church to give our extras…and I probably donated close to 15 (and still have quite a few related to my ministry-work). This message was a wonderful reminder on the importance of sharing God’s word with those who might have difficulties getting Bibles. Bless you!

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