Being Faithful To Finish

Who in the Bible is Archippus?

His name only appears twice in the Bible—once in Colossians and once in Philemon.

It’s an unusual name for sure. I can only guess how to pronounce it. So I’ll call him Archie.

Near the end of Colossians, Paul stops and speaks directly to Archie, encouraging him to finish the work he started.

“Tell Archippus: ‘See to it that you complete the work you have received in the Lord’” (Colossians 4:17).

I confess that, in the past, I used to skim over the opening and closing statements in the New Testament letters. This is probably why I never noticed Archie before. He’s tucked in there, right before the very last verse.

But one day, his name popped out.

I was intrigued. So I looked him up. But I couldn’t find much information on him. No such thing as a Facebook info page back then.

All that is really known about Archie is that he was a notable member of the church in Colossae, and he received a call from God to do a specific work for the Kingdom. Other than that, we don’t know much about him. We don’t even know what he was supposed to do, but whatever it was, we know that he needed to finish it.

Perhaps Archie experienced opposition, and he needed some encouragement to press on.

Perhaps Archie simply lost interest in his work, and his fervor sort of fizzled.

Perhaps Archie got busy with regular life, and he just plain forgot.

Or maybe Archie was still going strong, and Paul just wanted to say: Keep on keeping on, Brother!

Whatever the case, I am glad to know that there are people who may not ever make the headline news, yet they too have received a work from the Lord.

Doing great things for God may go unnoticed by human eyes, but that doesn’t make these things any less important to God. Many people today are being faithful to finish the work they received from the Lord. Too often, though, we only hear about the “famous” believers—the ones traveling the globe with speaking engagements or stadium-filling concerts.

On Mondays, I have been writing about the hidden heroes in my life, those who have ministered to me personally in some heroic way. But there are also hidden heroes in the Bible. They’re not well-known like Moses or David. But they were faithful to finish the specific task God gave to them.

I thank God for including Archippus in the canon of Holy Scripture. He is a great reminder to all of us—whether famous or nameless—that we too have received a work from the Lord. And the verse in Colossians 4:17 encourages, not only Archippus, but also each one of us to finish the work that God has called us to.

Right now, I have a writing task that is requiring my full attention. I am editing the memoir of a missionary couple who have spent forty years overseas in a part of the world that is closed to the Gospel and hostile towards Christians.

Their stories are amazing. But this project is enormous. I have over 700 single-spaced pages awaiting me. So I need to heed Paul’s encouragement to Archippus and focus all of my available energy to finishing this task before me.

Thus, for the next week or more, I am going to take a brief hiatus from blogging, just so I can devote myself wholly to finishing this missionary’s memoir.

Do you have a task that is just waiting to be finished?

Do you have a favorite “hidden hero” in the Bible?


17 thoughts on “Being Faithful To Finish

  1. Oh, Archie. His life is worth striving for. For all we know about him is all that matters. He lived, worked, and breathed the purpose of Christ.
    Beautiful post–thank you! (am loving your hidden heros series)!!

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  3. I was wondering where you were this week and I finally visited you to find out. I had an editting job like that one a couple years ago. I know how arduous that can be. I have enjoyed your hidden heroes series and look forward to more of your writing when you get back.

  4. Thank you for this reminder to what I need to be doing — getting my job done! There are so many Biblical heroes. Love the woman who had the issue of bleeding who had the courage and determination to press through the crowd to just touch the hem of Jesus. I want that determination!

  5. You amaze me with all you do! If you can keep on keeping on then so will I. Lent is beginning and I plan on working on my spiritual connections and getting my ‘house’ into shape. Have a lovely week or so working on your project.

  6. Denise, this is such an encouraging post! Many of us would get no more than a slight mention, if any. Yet, it is about being obedient and persevering.
    I’m so excited to hear more about the memoir you are editing!

  7. Thanks for this, friend! I too am a frequent intro-scanner and have missed dear Archie myself. Grateful for this insight! Best of luck as you edit this memoir; I know you will do it justice.

  8. Great post! A fun read and full of truth. Shiphrah and Puah are two of my hidden heroes (heroines). (Ex.1) They just kept faithfully doing what they always did, fearing God more than mighty Pharaoh and his evil edicts, and just that made all the difference!

    I’ll be praying for your (huge!) editing task (a hidden hero job, for sure!) Prayer is another unseen thing we’re called to, but I believe it plays an enormous role. May God make that book glorious (and published)!

    Now the task I’m called to is to go clean the kitchen!

  9. Sometimes I think it’s those quiet things that we do–quiet without attention or fanfare or praise that God smiles at most.
    I really like the woman who poured perfume on Jesus. She’s a hero.
    ~ Wendy

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