My Favorite Reason for Blogging

During my growing up years, my family attended church several times a week. By the time I was a teenager, I knew lots of Bible stories from Sunday school, but I could not have told you where any of those stories were actually found in the Bible.

That all changed when I was 17.

I started reading the Bible for the first time by myself. And it changed me. Completely.

Something strange and inexplicable started happening. I couldn’t stop reading the Bible. I took my Bible with me everywhere—even to school. I was consumed with God’s Word as I marveled at the way all those individual Bible stories were woven into a larger Story.

Then something even more marvelous started happening. Whenever I read the Bible, certain verses would stand out, and I would find myself reading the same passage over and over. It was as if God was speaking directly to me through His Word! At the age of 17, I didn’t know such a thing was even possible.

The words on the thin pages weren’t like any other words from any other book I had ever read. It was as if they were alive—speaking to a specific situation in my life.

“The Word of God is living and active” (Hebrews 4:12a).

Of course, as I grew I came to realize that my experience wasn’t unique to me. God speaks to others through His Word too! In my youthful exuberance, I wanted to share this Truth with everyone I knew.

Then my teen years turned into my twenties.

Earlier this week, I wrote about a particularly difficult season that I now refer to as the dark decade. Whenever I look back on this time in my life, I know that I could never have made it through without God’s Word as my companion. His Word speaks life and truth and hope.

When I first starting blogging three years ago, I combined my two deepest passions: writing and studying God’s Word.

For each blog post, I took a single verse from the Bible and wrote about an experience when that verse spoke life and truth to me. I called each post a Verse Vignette because just one verse made such a huge difference in a particular situation.

So when I heard about the organization called One Verse, I was immediately drawn to learn more about it. One Verse is committed to translating the Bible for people around the world who do not have God’s Word in their native tongue.

Three hundred forty million people don’t have the Bible in their own language! I’m not okay with that. The mission behind One Verse is a mission I am passionate about. And I want to invite you to investigate this mission too. Pray about whether this is something you feel called to support.

I love blogging for many reasons. I love this online space where I can practice the craft of writing and connect with other like-minded bloggers. But my favorite reason for blogging is the very first reason why I started blogging in the first place: To share God’s Word and the many ways He has redeemed my life.

What is your favorite reason for blogging?

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Well, This Is Embarrassing

21 Bibles ~ (Not Counting the Children's Story Bibles)


I told my kids to find all of the Bibles in our house, sort of like an indoor “scavenger hunt.” This “game” proved educational on several levels. First, we couldn’t find them all. My teenage daughter has two more somewhere, probably buried in her closet, but we couldn’t find them. And I know we have more Bibles tucked away in various places. But the Bibles we did gather said a lot.


We own virtually every major translation: NIV, NIrV, KJV, NKJV, ESV, NASB, HCSB, NRSV, NLT, and The Message. We also own a variety of “study” Bibles: The Apologetics Study Bible, The Archeological Study Bible, The NIV Study Bible, and now I’m wondering . . . Whatever happened to my Life Application Study Bible? I know I had one.


We are a family of five, and we have over twenty Bibles in our house! And that doesn’t even count the Bible versions on our computer, laptop, Kindle Fire, and Nook. Nor does it include the multitudes of children’s storybook Bibles on my kids’ shelves.


With a total like that, surely we take for granted the sacred presence of His Word in our home. (I am loathe to admit where we found a few. Ahem. Under the bed? Really?)


I remember taking Bibles overseaswrapping them in my suitcase and delivering them to families. An indescribable joy emanated across their faces when they held the solitary BookHis Wordin their hands. And I have twenty-one. It doesn’t seem right. Why do some of us have so much? So much access to His Word. So much access to Truth.

What can we do to share His Word with everyone around the globe?

We can begin by sharing this critical need with others. Take a moment today and gather all the Bibles in your home. Take a picture and post it on your blog or Facebook page. Then write a paragraph of what this simple exercise taught you about biblical literacy and Bible poverty.

  1. Find ‘em.
  2. Stack ‘em.
  3. Take a photo.
  4. Write a paragraph.
  5. Then LINK UP at My Journey to Authenticity.
  6. Pray for ways to spread The Word.
Do you know how many Bibles you own?

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