Marriage: It’s Not a 50/50 Sort of Deal

Like most couples, Jeff and I went to pre-marital counseling during our engagement. The pastor who married us had recommended someone he respected. And I’ll never forget our first meeting.

After the introductions, I noticed the many books sitting on his shelves. To my delight, I had read quite a number of them. I wanted to make a good impression, so I started book-dropping. That is, I casually pointed to the binding of several books nearby and mused aloud that I had read them.

I kept going too, until I came across one book that gave me pause. I had read it years earlier, but I never liked it at all. Something about the book’s premise never sat right with me. But I was young, and I didn’t know how to articulate what I really thought of this book’s message. Besides, this particular book was a major Christian bestseller. What did I know? So I kept my opinion about this book to myself, and I mentioned that I had read this one too.

Then the counselor kindly interrupted my self-aggrandizing monologue and said that he believed the book was counter to Christ’s teachings. I was shocked. Counter to Christ? As in opposed? I asked the counselor, “How do you mean?”

“Well,” he explained . . . (Continue Reading)

I write on the topic of marriage every first and third – and sometimes fifth – Friday of the month. I invite you to join me over at Titus 2 In Action today.

3 thoughts on “Marriage: It’s Not a 50/50 Sort of Deal

  1. Cherie, I do believe that God had His hand on us throughout our engagement – especially in our pre-marital counseling sessions together. Our time there did build a solid foundation. Over the years we have oftentimes reflected on different things we learned there. 🙂 What a blessing!

    Sonja, thank you for your kind words!

  2. This is very wise and beautifully said. I enjoyed every word. How wonderful that you headed into your marriage with so much knowledge of what really makes it work. 50/50… not!

  3. Incredible post sister! God certainly had His hand in that counseling session . . . .to give your marriage a firm foundation. Thank you for stopping by Journal of Faith!!!

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