Marriage, Money, and Madness

Join me today over at Titus 2 in Action.

It’s the last week of January. At my house, this means the beginning of tax season. Since I’m married to an accountant, our income taxes usually get filed right away. This is out of necessity more than anything else because soon there will be a stack of files needing my husband’s attention before April 15.

The first year we were married our tax return took us both by surprise. When Jeff finished entering the data, he thought it couldn’t be right. So he recalculated the whole thing. It was correct. Since we had each worked full-time the previous year, and our W-4 forms had been filled out years before as “single,” then our combined federal and state return as “married” people, including several appropriate deductions, ended up being an unexpected blessing.

But what surprised us the most was how quickly this blessing turned into something else. (Continue Reading)

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