Dad, Ducks, and Darth Vader

How does a man without a father become such an amazing one? Surely it must be one of God the Father’s greatest mysteries.

I get to witness this miracle-mystery in action every day. And I couldn’t be more thankful. This weekend, a weekend to celebrate fathers, I am thankful for the kind of father who . . .

31) shows up as Darth Vader at our little boy’s birthday

I am thankful for the accountant-Dad in my house whose hands love to build . . .

32) a popsicle bridge with our favorite geometry student

33) a new patio from a pallet of pavers

34) keepsakes to treasure always

He’s the kind of Dad who . . .

35) takes the family on walks to feed the ducks

And I admire the way he . . .

36) rises early to work every day except Sunday

then also

37) takes time off work to chaperone high school choir trips

I like that he’s the kind of Dad who . . .

38) launches his boy like a rocket

This same Dad . . .

39) takes the kids’ Mom for carousel rides on a freezing night

And I couldn’t be more thankful for this man, the kids’ Father, who . . .

40) built a bridge, bigger than this one, to my heart.

While reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp, I started keeping a list of the things I am thankful for. What are you thankful for today?


Ann Voskamp continues her thoughts on thanksgiving every Monday at

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