Seven Reasons I Love My Kindle Fire

The thought of owning an e-reader never appealed to me. I like books. Real ones.

I prefer the feel of pages between my fingers. And I’m constantly writing notes in the margins and underlining favorite passages.

More and more, though, some books are only available as e-books.

Yes, I realize that e-books can be downloaded onto a computer, but I like to read on my couch — with book in hand.

So I bought a Kindle Fire. (The price between an iPad and the Kindle Fire made for an easy choice.)

I’ve been using the Kindle Fire for three months now, and I’m surprised at how quickly I’ve grown accustomed to it.

There are seven things I love about my Kindle Fire:

1. Having books on my Kindle Fire lessens the book clutter in my house. I’ve been collecting books for decades; thus, my books are stacked three deep on my shelves. And that’s to say nothing of the various piles of books shoved in random corners of my home. With the Kindle Fire, I’m able to buy a new book without giving up more space in my house.

2. I can read in bed at night without my cumbersome book-light. I was always fussing with unclipping and reattaching my book-light every time I turned the page. But the backlit feature of the Kindle Fire makes nighttime reading easy.

3. I can still highlight sections of the text with a simple touch-and-drag feature. Note-taking is also possible. And if a techno-challenged girl like me can figure it out, anybody can.

4. Traveling is made so much lighter without packing my usual half-dozen books along. Because you never know what mood you’ll be in for reading.

5. Having instant access to a newly purchased book is, I admit, a nice perk. I know, I know. We live in an instant-gratification-driven society. But this one side benefit is a fun little bonus.

6. An e-version is usually cheaper than a print version. With as many books as I’m interested in, saving a few dollars here and there can start to add up.

7. I can easily download and enjoy fellow bloggers’ e-books. I’m excited about supporting my blogging friends and their writing adventures.

Owning a Kindle Fire has other benefits as well — such as games, music, e-mail, movies, and the Internet.

Most of all, my e-reader has inspired me. I’m ready to write an e-book.

Do you have a favorite e-reader?
Do you have plans to write an e-book?

*I’m not an affiliate receiving any sort of commission from this post. I’m just writing about it because I genuinely like it.

16 thoughts on “Seven Reasons I Love My Kindle Fire

  1. Don’t have an e-reader… yet… 🙂
    Totally random comment, but I just wanted to let you know that I included your blog on my blog today… that’s for sharing your heart and your life in your writing!

  2. I love real books too. But after filling baskets, bookshelves and closets with books, including all the books I use to homeschool my kids, we were running out of space. Plus, I love having a new book at my fingertips in seconds. I’m into instant gratification when I want to read something. I have the plain old original Kindle but I love that it has the read to me feature. I can get so caught up in a book that I can’t seem to budge to do anything else. The reader feature lets me keep the book going while I fold clothes or cook dinner.

  3. I like real books, too. But I have downloaded several free e-books from Amazon that Money Saving Mom had as deals on her blog. I’m starting to think a reader would be easier than a laptop. Several of them are books I’ve wanted to read for a while and I find I don’t get to it because it’s just not as easy on my laptop. I also think the convenience for on-the-go sounds really nice!

    I enjoyed your review!

    And go for the e-book!

  4. I love my Kindle Touch for similar reasons. I did get the Touch so I could read at night (with a lamp, I’m fine with that) and avoid having “screen time” before bed. I also wanted an ereader to read BOOKS, and not my email–I thought the Fire might be too tempting on that count!

    I’m thinking about adding a Fire to our household gadgets, though. With 4 readers in the house, another ereader would be nice to have around, especially if the kids could watch movies on it in the car.

    • Yes! I got the e-reader to read books, not e-mail. And I’ve read really good things about the Touch. The e-ink feature is something I believe the Touch has that the Fire doesn’t have. For an avid reader, it might be worth it to go with the Touch. 🙂

  5. I love my kindle fire!!! For all the same reasons. I also love that I can borrow books from the library. I don’t even have to worry about when to return them as it just automatically goes off my kindle.

    And, yes, I hope to write and ebook someday. But I don’t have any specific goals/deadlines, though I do have some ideas ruminating:)

  6. I’m with you Denise. I like the feel of a book. (And thank you to Teresa for her comment–I thought I was the only one who liked the smell of a new book!) I like going to the library and coming home with a stack of books. However, due to cost, I don’t buy many books. That is, until I received a Kindle Keyboard 3G for Christmas, and I love it. Sometimes I wish for the color screen, but not so much now that I’m used to the b&w. I’m always checking Amazon for their special deals and have found some great ones, especially when they have a book on my to-read list for free (or super low price).
    The only thing I miss is when I look at my books and it’s all titles – that’s when I wish I could see covers at a glance, but it’s not something I think about daily. When I do a book study, I still like a hard copy because I flip around so much when studying and writing. But I have to confess, I haven’t actually tried using the Kindle for a study yet. So it may be too soon to speak on that.

    Plans to write an e-book? No plans yet, but I love the idea of someday writing an e-book!!

  7. I agree with you on all points! I was also reluctant to buy an ereader. A lot of our books for home school are available online, in the public domain. Downloading them onto the ereader saves us money otherwise spent on books or printing the pages. It has the added benefit of saving our eyes from reading on the computer! Still… the smell of a book? Nothing can replace that.

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