Dear Mom, You are Buttuyfull

This was the highlight from my Mother’s Day.

My 7-year-old son thinks I’m buttuyfull.

The unintended pun made my day.

Jeff tells me that Parker was adamant about what I would want for Mother’s Day.

Can you guess what’s inside?

Yep. My very own Nerf Football.

The best part? Parker’s right. I’ve always maintained that the only bummer part of Mother’s Day is that it’s in May and there’s not an NFL game to watch.

But Jeff brought home the new Mission Impossible movie, so once the kids are in bed later, we can wrap up the day with a good ole’ shoot-em-up flick. My favorite kind.

Wherever you are today, I hope you’ve been able to spend the day doing what you love most. Whether that’s flowers and brunch or football and movies.

What was the highlight from your Mother’s Day?

6 thoughts on “Dear Mom, You are Buttuyfull

  1. Awesome. Hope the movie wasn’t as dissappointing to you as it was to me!
    Not that it was bad… just… the same.
    You stopped passed my blog a hundred years ago. I’m sooo sorry I’m late in returning the favour.
    God bless.

    • You’re right. The movie was the same. But that’s okay. I was expecting lots of suspense/action and not a lot of plot. 🙂

      And you need never worry about “returning a favor.” All visits are an unexpected blessing. And it’s a joy to me when you stop by.

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